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We’re charting a responsible path forward for open ocean aquaculture in the U.S.

Photo Credit: Blue Ocean Mariculture

The Coalition for Sustainable Aquaculture (CSA)

We are a partnership of environmental advocates, industry leaders, and award-winning chefs dedicated to growing sustainable aquaculture in the U.S. that equitably benefits people and communities—all while protecting the environment. 

More than ever, Americans want the seafood on their plates to be locally and sustainably harvested. Wild-caught fish alone can’t meet the demand. The U.S. imports about 90% of the seafood we consume, and half of that is farmed. Developing offshore aquaculture in the U.S. can help meet the growing demand for seafood, but we must consider the risks and follow the science. Let’s grow it here and do it right. 


Member Organizations

  • Charter Fishermans Association Logo
  • Charter Fishermans Association Logo

Our members are committed to making sure Americans have access to responsible, sustainable, locally sourced seafood. They know that if we do it right, open ocean aquaculture in U.S. waters can complement wild-caught fisheries and put additional sustainably sourced, nutritious, U.S. seafood in our grocery stores, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and homes—while creating much-needed jobs in coastal communities.

Individual Members

Over 30 aquaculture advocates

As fishermen, seafood farmers, chefs, and future leaders, we know what a difference locally sourced seafood can make to our communities. By expanding the seafood farming industry, we can create more jobs in our communities and expand access to high-quality, local, sustainable seafood. It’s a win-win. 

Meet Our Members

Grow it here, do it right.

Currently, the U.S. lacks a comprehensive, federal regulatory framework for a sustainable, equitable offshore farming industry. CSA advocates for a science-based, stakeholder-led approach to establishing the needed strong standards, that include:

Government studies

Government studies and research in the field to address knowledge gap and determine best practices

A strong regulatory framework

A strong regulatory framework to ensure offshore aquaculture is safe, sustainable, equitable, and based on scientific evidence

Creating opportunities

Creating opportunities for historically disadvantaged and excluded communities to access and benefit from the new industry